Dinu Lipatti


Romanian composer and pianist • 1917-1950

Short biography

Dinu Lipatti • Romanian composer and pianist (b. 1917, Bucharest – d. 1950, Geneva). Dinu Lipatti was one of the greatest pianists of the twentieth century. Toward the end of his life he taught higher classes and virtuosity at the Geneva Conservatory (1944-49). A renowned music reviewer, he was a member of the Paris International Critics Association (1939).


Characteristic of Dinu Lipatti’s symphonic work is his striking a just balance between symphonic breath and thematic concision. On the other hand, as was only natural, in his music Dinu Lipatti placed a great emphasis on the piano as a solo instrument, giving it lengthy virtuoso passages. Likewise, the chamber music he composed is dedicated to his own instrument in particular: Sonata for Piano (1932), Sonatina for Piano and Violin (1933), Fantasia for Piano, Violin and Cello (1936), Nocturne for Piano (1937), Suite for Two Pianos (1938), Two Dances in the Romanian Folk Style, for Two Pianos (1939), Three Nocturnes for Piano (1939), Fantasia for Piano (1940), Left-hand Sonatina for Solo Piano (1941), Three Romanian Dances for Two Pianos (1943).

Dinu Lipatti


Sonatina for the Left Hand • Composition: Dinu Lipatti; Performance: Horia Maxim – piano

„Auditorium” Concert Hall of the National University of Music, Bucharest, 2018