Constantin Dimitrescu


Romanian composer and cellist • 1847-1928

Short biography

Constantin Dimitrescu • Romanian composer and cellist (b. 1847, Blejoi, Prahova – d. 1928, Bucharest). His entire career as a musician and teacher unfolded in Bucharest. He was a cellist (1870-93) and conductor (1893-1900) at the National Theatre, while working in parallel as a cellist for the Romanian Philharmonic Society Orchestra (1870-1904), and finally he taught cello at the Conservatory (1873-1916). In the second part of his teaching career, he also conducted the Orchestra of the Ministry of Public Education (1906-16).


He performed in Romania and abroad and founded Bucharest’s first permanent string quartet in 1880. Constantin Dimitrescu was one of the main promoters of chamber music in Romania. He was the first Romanian to compose string quartets and concertos. Before he composed his first string quartets, Constantin Dimitrescu wrote numerous chamber works, from which his pieces for cello and piano stand out.

Constantin Dimitrescu


Peasant Dance • Composition: Constantin Dimitrescu; Performance: Ștefan Cazacu & Violoncelissimo

Romanian Youth Palace, 2018

Romanian Serenade • Composition: Constantin Dimitrescu; Performance: Izabela Ghergu – cello, Clementina Ciucu-Ristea – piano

Romanian Radio Hall, Bucharest, 2018