Simina Croitoru



My opinion is that all of us are duty-bound to discover our passion and pursue it to the very end.

Simina Croitoru – violin

Nathan Milstein – Paganiniana
Recorded at “George Enescu” Hall – National University of Music Bucharest
Concept video: Virgil Oprina


I want to hand down what I’ve learned and I’m glad I have a message to convey alongside the public and my fellow musicians, something to say connected to the past and looking to the future.

Simina Croitoru introduces herself


Simina Croitoru


(b. 1990, Bucharest)

In the gallery of young violinists, Simina Croitoru holds an important, well-deserved and unanimously appreciated place. She started studying her instrument at the age of five with her mother, university professor Ioana Croitoru, and continued with Gabriel Croitoru, taking his class within the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme at the National University of Music, Bucharest. In 2020 she was awarded her PhD by the same university.

Over the years, she has won numerous awards in national and international competitions. She has performed in numerous concerts with every philharmonic orchestra in Romania and as a soloist with symphonic orchestras from Austria, Germany, Finland, Mexico, and China, among other countries, as well as in numerous recitals at home and abroad. Her musical performances win over the public thanks to their wealth of expression, brilliance, self-assurance, and passion. She has worked with leading names in music, including Valentin Gheorghiu, Mihai Ungureanu, Horia Mihail, the Transylvanian Quartet, Gabriel Croitoru, Liviu Prunaru, and Marin Cazacu.

In parallel with her solo work, since 2016 she has also taught at university.