Silviu Petcu



I’d very much like us to go back, to be able to perform as much as we can so as to have a connection with people.

Silviu Petcu – performance

Screen Test
Recorded at CREART / Teatrelli, April 2021
Video concept: Virgil Oprina


How do I see the present moment for us, for me, the atmosphere in the arts? I see it as frozen. The technology still can’t harness that energy of a live performance. For me, a show is live when it’s on stage.

Silviu Petcu introduces himself

Recorded in April 2021


Silviu Petcu


(b. 1961, Bacău)

He is a well-known actor and writer for hundreds of live Comedy shows with DISTRACTIS and DIVERTIS Humor Groups, presented on Romanian stages and for the Romanian communities in USA and Germany, between 1990 – 2016.

He played Hassan in the movie Ce Lume veselă (2002), directed by Malvina Urșianu and Marcel in the short movie Grindcore (2012), directed by Ioachim Ciobanu.

He collaborated with Stela Popescu Theatre, as an actor and writer for 2 shows: Satul Paralel (2019) and Clarvăzătorul din Băicoi (2020).