Mariana Gavriciuc

Dancer and choreographer


I’ve done dance for a long time, ever since I can remember, dance has always been a part of my life. At first, I did dance as a sport, but dance never felt at home, it never fit like a glove more than it did when I first tried contemporary dance. It attracted and seduced me like never before.

Mariana Gavriciuc – performance

For M – choreographer and dancer: Mariana Gavriciuc; music: Alexandru Suciu
Recorded at “ARCUB” Hall – Bucharest
Video concept: Virgil Oprina


I think art ought to become essential, because beyond entertainment, it educates you, opens you to certain sensibilities, brings you closer to others, the way nothing else does, and it’s important that we’re in contact with art, that we invest in art and support it as much as possible.

Mariana Gavriciuc introduces herself


Mariana Gavriciuc

Dancer and choreographer

(b. 1992, Orhei, Republic of Moldova)

She graduated the bachelor’s and master’s programs at the National University of Theater and Cinematography “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest. For almost a decade she has been living and working in Bucharest and gaining experience from collaborating with the Bucharest National Dance Center, Linotip Independent Choreographic Center and various theaters in the country (Bucharest State Jewish Theater, “Marin Sorescu” National Theater Craiova, ”Aureliu Manea” Municipal Theater Turda, Bucharest Masca Theater, “Bacovia” Municipal Theater Bacău, ”Fani Tardini” Theater Galați, ”Excelsior” Theater Bucharest, “Matei Vişniec” Dramatic Theater Suceava, “Elvira Godeanu” Dramatic Theater Târgu Jiu), as well as from personal projects (Use me, use me, abuse me!, 7 lonely people on a winter’s day, Fragile. Handle with care) working with various artists from Romania and abroad.

She is one of the founders of the creative group ArtGenerator, co-founder of the Delazero Association, co-founder of the dance film production company GoldenBoi Screendance and member of the creative group TANGENt.

She is inspired by naturalness and realism. She is interested in the primal energy, which makes you move and the raw emotions that are generated with it, their shape in the daily body and the possibilities of transforming them into dance. She is attracted by the abstraction of the gesture and the “sincere body”, which finds its strength in recognizing its own vulnerability. She believes in dance as a method of cleansing and emotional liberation, as a self-knowledge mechanism and as a form of education.