Ioana Marchidan

Choreographer and dancer


I sincerely believe, even in the situation in which there’s still a chasm in our lives and much uncertainty, that dance will survive and that it can change people.

Ioana Marchidan – performance

90/69/90, choreography and performance – Ioana Marchidan, music by Alex Suciu
Recorded at CREART / Teatrelli – November 2021
Video concept: Virgil Oprina


After working with various theatres, with Arcadie Rusu I realised we had to go on, find something new for us, a room where we could train. And that’s how it appeared, like a gift from the Universe: the Linotype Independent Choreographic Centre. Our “ark”, as we call it, is now five years old.

Ioana Marchidan introduces herself

Recorded in November 2021


Ioana Marchidan

Choreographer and dancer

(b. 1982, Bucharest)

Ioana Marchidan has worked with local and international choreographers and theatre directors for more than fifteen years. She studied at the Floria Capsali Choreography Lycée. She began her career as a professional dancer at the Bucharest National Opera. She later became a dancer in the Gigi Căciuleanu Romanian Dance Company.

She has worked with subsTANZ/Massimo Gerardi and Tangaj Collective. She has performed in dance shows created by Ioana Macarie, Chris Simion, Radu Afrim, and Dragos Galgoțiu and taken part in international festivals that have included Aerowaves—The Place (U.K.), Keochang International Festival of Theatre (South Korea), Cairo Experimental Theatre Festival (EGYPT), Aichi Worldwide Exhibition (Japan), the Francophone Festival (Australia, Jordan, Italy, Portugal), and the Festival d’Avignon (France). In 2013, she was one of the performers in An Immaterial Retrospective of the Venice Biennale, produced by Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmuș.

She later began to create her own choreographies in the shows 2 Contemporary Women, Reverse Discourse (a project that was part of the E-MOTIONAL Residency at Forum Dança, Lisbon), and Stabat Mater (a project that won the prize for Best Show at the Undercloud International Festival, Romania). Since 2016, she has been president of the Dance Spot Association and artistic director of the Linotype Independent Choreography Centre.

The discourse that Ioana Marchidan aims at in her own choreography is one in which she will be challenged by the everyday issues that surround her. Her work speaks of feminism and the influence of education in how women are perceived in society.