Eduard Marian Păuna



I came to Bucharest out of a need to be loved by people as greatly as I love people, because I felt a need for recognition, for fame.

Eduard Păuna – performance

Tennessee Williams – Tom’s Monologue from The Glass Menagerie
Recorded at The Romanian Youth National Centre of the Arts – October 2022
Video concept: Virgil Oprina


At the moment, I’m working with actors with whom I’d never believed I’d work, but from whom I’ve learned an extraordinary amount and to whom I am most grateful.

Eduard Păuna introduces himself

Recorded in October 2022


Eduard Marian Păuna


(b. 1997, Adânca, Dâmbovița)

At present, he is in his second year of the M.A. in Acting course at the Ion Luca Caragiale National University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts, Bucharest. He was born and grew up in the village of Adînca, near Tîrgoviște, where he first had the revelation that he wanted to be an actor.

He came to Bucharest to study acting at the Ion Luca Caragiale University, out of a desire to make a name for himself, and he remained because of the transformation the profession produces in him with every theatrical part he plays.

He began his acting career in Maria Doncu’s Degree production of The G Method by Jordi Galceran, in which he played Carlos Bueno. Another significant project in his career was Mihaela Sîrbu’s Degree production of Our Class by Tadeusz Słobodzianek, in which he played two parts, Abram and Menachem. The project to which he has most devoted himself hitherto is the serial In Town, created by Bogdan Marinescu and Gabriel Radu, in which he plays the rôle of Doru.