Bogdan Iacob



What impels me to go on and makes me continue the struggle, without giving up, is actually passion and love and dedication to this art.

Bogdan Iacob – performance

Sergei’s monologue from the play “Love on mandarin peels” by Sabina Lisievici
Recorded at ARCUB, November 2021
Video concept: Virgil Oprina


I don’t know when everything would start again and when we’d perform again but, I’m convinced that eventually normality will prevail.

Bogdan Iacob introduces himself

Recorded in November 2021


Bogdan Iacob


(b. 1988, Călărași)

Bogdan Iacob studied acting at the Ion Luca Caragiale National University of Theatrical and Cinematic Arts. He has worked with various theatres in Bucharest, including the National Theatre, the Comedy Theatre, the Nottara Theatre, the Bulandra Theatre, the Little Theatre, and the Ion Dacian National Operetta. He has worked with directors Gigi Căciuleanu, Răzvan Mazilu, Alexandru Darie, Radu Afrim, Gelu Colceag, and Ivona Boitan, among others.

Of particular note have been his rôles as P. Diddy in “We Will Rock You”, directed by Răzvan Mazilu, Sergey in “Love on Mandarin Peels”, Radu in “On the Road to Jassy”, directed by Ivona Boitan, Dance-actor in “EmojiPlay”, choreographed by Gigi Căciuleanu, Ștegan Brîncoveanu in “Brîncoveanu and Ivireanul, Love of Church and Nation”, directed by Ivona Boitan, the Interrogator in “Still-burning Votive Lamps”, directed by Ivona Boitan.

On television and the big screen, he has worked for Romanian Television on the “By a Whisker” programme, for MediaPro in the serial “House Arrest”, in the rôle of Stemate, for the History Channel in the “Wasington” documentary, and in the short film “Kingdom of Judas”, directed by Sabina Lisievici.

Besides acting, he also loves music, dance, stunts, and stage fights. He has been a guitarist and vocalist in an African fusion band, and has appeared in various contemporary dance shows choreographed by Gigi Căciuleanu, Ana Vișan, Arcadie Rusu, Galea Bobeicu, and others. His passion for stage fights, stunts, and swordplay dates back to when he was a student, when, during fencing classes he met and worked with Szobi Cseh, who inspired and mentored him.