Alex Ștefănescu

Actor and musician


I haven’t lost my motivation, my hope, I’m waiting impatiently to meet a public I know is thirsty for theatre, culture, music, and wants to return to the auditorium.

Alex Ștefănescu – performance

Romeo and Juliet – based on William Shakespeare
Recorded at “ARCUB” Hall – Bucharest
Video concept: Virgil Oprina


I’m an actor by profession and musician by obsession. I had the opportunity to work in musicals and I discovered an attraction to the genre. Then, one summer, when I didn’t have any acting roles, I said, I want to write a musical, a one-man show, with me playing guitar on stage, and I did.

Alex Ștefănescu introduces himself


Alex Ștefănescu

Actor and musician

(b. 1988, Bucharest)

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree the acting class of the the National University of Drama and Film, in Bucharest and continued his studies at the London International School of Performing Arts. Then he decided to manifest his artistic talents in his home country, so he returned to Bucharest and collaborated in different large and small productions with most of the important theaters there. He was always drawn to the musical theater genre and he had the opportunity to perform in a few productions of big musicals, directed by Răzvan Mazilu (West Side Story and We Will Rock you). He worked for two years, as a full time actor for the Ion Creangă Theater.

Aside from his theater work, he began writing songs. He composed three one man shows for guitar and voice, of a comical but meaningful nature: Day of the Unknowing (a musical journey through the deaths of the urban soul), 9 Remixed Plays (nine famous theater plays, retold through song, with a personal flavor but keeping to the original storyline and intention of the play) and The Healing (written during the 2020 lockdown period, where he continued the explorations of the first show, dealing with people search for the life meaning and happiness).

His musical journey started in Bucharest, at the Unteatru independent theater and took him through all corners of the country and even abroad, to London and Luxembourg. He also had some television appearances, for a few shows (iUmor and Romania’s Got Talent).